Mini-Game Extravaganza Floor is…What!? Delivers Quirky Chaos

May 6, 2024

Green Bay, WI - April 24, 2024 - Floor is…What!?, the four-player party game with 50+ minigames from developer Pyramid Lake Games and publisher Midwest Games, brings family-friendly mayhem to Steam this fall.

Check out the latest trailer here!

Get ready for an epic competition where only the best of the best (or perhaps the most ruthless) will survive! Invoke unrelenting carnage across more than 50 minigames designed to test contestants’ patience, coordination, and of course, friendships - mwahaha! Competitors, ready those reflexes to go head-to-(bobble) head in a wide array of chaotic four-player challenges in both online and local multiplayer. 

Say goodbye to Grandma as you push her into a deadly lava pit from your dungeon perch - haha nerd! Better luck next time to your roommate who got toasted by a falling bomb on the “relaxing” sandy beach. Put to rest that sibling rivalry as you best each opponent with snowballs to the face on slippery ski slopes. In Floor is…What!? you don’t need to be ashamed of how good mayhem feels. 

Everyone’s welcome: simple controls, adjustable difficulty modes, and CPUs accommodate all skill levels. Test diabolical strategies in practice modes before hopping into competitive three vs. one, two vs. two, or total free-for-all matches. Don’t forget to submit your craziest character name for our fast-talking announcer to call out during the match!

Enter the arena as a mischievous bobble-head made from more than 200 different collectible components. Create hilarious characters with bear, duck, and dinosaur heads with matching or mismatching bodies. Add some serious style with funky hairstyles, facial hair, flashy accessories, and fun voice lines to torment taunt the competition. Rank up to unlock mystery toy boxes, collect new pieces, and assemble more entertaining contenders. 

“We welcome all types of buddies, family members, skeletons, and dinosaurs to a ‘friendly,’ chaotic competition of wit and reflexes,” said Josh Garity, Studio Head of Pyramid Lake Games. “Challenge close pals, vicious rivals, or imaginary friends. We can’t wait to see the hijinks competitors create when the game is unleashed later this year!”

Floor is…What!? will be available on PC in Q4 2024, with support across more than 10 languages. 

For more information, check out the game’s official Twitter, and please visit Midwest Games on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, join the community on Discord, and search #FloorisWhat!? on all social media platforms.


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