Work with US

Midwest Games is always on the lookout for great games to elevate! If you're on the development side, please share your project with us. We represent all types of games, across genres and platforms, and primarily look for high-quality games that stand out from the pack.

What Midwest Games Provides:

We provide the experience and expertise to bring your game to market. Our team has published every level, type, and genre of game on every platform in the market today. Indie, AAA, Live-Service, Subscription, Console, PC, Cloud, Mobile, Esports, Action, RPG, Puzzle, Cozy, PvP, Sports - you name it.

Midwest Games brings guidance and scale to your game, with a bespoke experience that's right for your title. As a well connected team across gaming platforms, media, creative, brands, and talent, we leverage our relationships for successful launch and long-term value. Our senior team brings years of experience from gaming and adjacent industries with companies including 2K, Atari, Blizzard, Crunchyroll, Disney, Harebrained Schemes, Midway Games, Netflix, Paradox Interactive, PlayStation and Sony.

Most importantly, we help developers focus on their game, while we tackle the business end. Partnerships can take different forms but key support areas include:

  • Development Funding
  • Marketing, PR, and Community
  • Production, QA, Porting, and Localization Support
  • Platform, Distribution and Revenue Management

In addition to our industry skills, our values are core to our business. We strive to support developers better than anyone else out there - whether you’re a solo developer or a credentialed team, you will get personal attention, our best plan of action, and a transparent partnership. We love the video game space and want to help others have a positive experience as they debut their games.

What We Look For In A Partnership:

We are currently looking for great games in mid to final stages, with budgets <$1M USD that offer quality, entertainment, and something that stands out in visuals, narrative, or gameplay. We love supporting passionate developers to help wherever you need it most and create the best chance of success for your game. As the name implies, we are particularly focused on supporting the Midwest USA region, as well as other underrepresented groups. However, we want to help any good, deserving folks succeed in the games industry, and are open to partnering with developers around the world.