The Lullaby of Life Prepares Beautiful Melodies for Xbox, Switch, and PC

January 29, 2024

Green Bay, WI - Jan. 29, 2024 - The Lullaby of Life, the mesmerizing, musically-motivated puzzle adventure from developer 1 Simple Game and publisher Midwest Games, takes the IndieCade Dev Choice Award winning (2021) cosmic journey to Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, as well as PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG in Q2 2024. Check out a brand new demo on the Steam page today!

Born in the infancy of the universe, weave through an awe-inspiring odyssey of light, color, and sound as a plucky particle named Bombo. Harness Bombo’s power, playing musical notes in wave formations to surpass barriers, awaken allies, and bring harmony to an uncharted world full of wonders. Explore kaleidoscopic surroundings through increasingly difficult levels with distinct characters and aesthetics.

Rouse and recruit musically-gifted companions, known as Ohmies, to make sonorous sound waves and solve rhythm puzzles through timing, focus, and dexterity. Each Ohmie represents the foundational elements of life: construction, destruction, and conservation. Utilize each note and harmony to outsmart obstacles and keep a level head amidst tricky tides. Ambitious explorers can take on challenge modes to further prove their musical mastery.

Feel the currents that connect us all, and experience groundbreaking moments in the origins of the universe, from its microscopic beginnings to the first Black Hole in an abstract retelling of life’s inception. With each level awaken Elder beings, grand bosses armed with the power to accelerate creation in a previously dormant world.

From 1 Simple Game Studio Director, Francisco Lara Sikorski, "The Lullaby of Life is an artistic pursuit to tell the story of creation in a very experiential way, with almost zero language included. With influences from string theory to mandalas, we invite you to explore the origins of the universe through challenges to unlock and, perhaps, bigger theories to ponder.”
From Midwest Games CEO and Founder, Ben Kvalo, “We’re pleased to welcome The Lullaby of Life as the second title in our quickly expanding roster of games. Every individual has the power to make change, and our small but curious hero, Bombo, is no exception. Much like these whimsical wanderers, our team at Midwest Games also strives to make impactful change in the game industry by uplifting the amazing talent of developers in underrepresented communities, whether that’s the Midwest or Mexico.”

The Lullaby of Life will be available worldwide on PC via Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch in Q2 2024 with English, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional) localizations.

For more information, please visit Midwest Games on Twitter and Instagram, join the community on Discord, and search #LullabyOfLife on all social media platforms.

About 1 Simple Game
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